SHAPE Australia Donate $10,000 to Advocacy Australia’s Asbestos Education Committee to Help Save Lives

SHAPE Australia (SHAPE) is helping to eliminate asbestos-related diseases through a $10,000 donation to support the National Asbestos Awareness Campaign conducted by Advocacy Australia and the Asbestos Education Committee.

Now in its 12th consecutive year, the National Asbestos Awareness Campaign is dedicated to saving lives through educating Australians about the ongoing dangers of asbestos and the vital need to respect asbestos for the hidden hazards that can remain in any Australian home built prior to 1990 and in many commercial properties built prior to 2004.

Clare Collins, Chair of Advocacy Australia and the Asbestos Education Committee said, “Advocacy Australia and the Asbestos Education Committee can continue our focus on educating homeowners, renovators, property managers and tradies about asbestos risks to help save lives thanks to the generous support of SHAPE.”

“Each year over 4,000 Australians lose their lives to asbestos-related diseases as a result of exposure to the hazardous fibres when asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are disturbed during renovations, demolition or maintenance. The only way we can help prevent these deaths is to continue to ensure Australians are better informed of the risks and how to manage asbestos safely.”

“With the deadly fibre used in the manufacture of over 3000 Australian building and decorator products that still lurk in residential, commercial and non-residential properties, SHAPE’s contribution to the national Asbestos Awareness Campaign will play a significant role in ensuring those likely to come into contact with asbestos have access to the extensive volume of information available at www.asbestosawareness.com.au,” Ms Collins said.

“We’re deeply grateful to SHAPE for their ongoing support in helping us continue our work in the prevention of asbestos-related diseases through increasing awareness and in the provision of essential, user-friendly education resources that are freely available via asbestosawarenss.com.au to ensure Australians learn to ‘Respect Asbestos’ and ultimately save lives.

Peter Marix-Evans, SHAPE’s Chief Executive Officer said, “SHAPE is delighted to support Advocacy Australia’s Asbestos Education Committee in their valuable work in increasing awareness of asbestos hazards nationally.

“SHAPE’s values are very much focussed on contributing to the community and promoting safety and wellbeing. The National Asbestos Awareness Campaign provides SHAPE with the opportunity to be part of an essential community service with the capacity to significantly limit the impact legacy asbestos has on a wide-range of Australians including homeowners, tradies and families,” Mr Marix-Evans said.

Annually, the National Asbestos Awareness Campaign develops new asbestos education resources. In 2023, the Asbestos 101 for Residential Property Owners, Managers and Tradies was launched to better inform anyone who may be at risk of disturbing ACMs in residential properties.

Developed in accordance with government Work Health and Safety Regulations and Codes of Practice, Asbestos 101 for Residential Property Owners, Managers and Tradies is a comprehensive resource providing Australians with vital information as to why asbestos is dangerous; the risks of working unsafely with ACMs; the steps to take if they come across materials they suspect may contain asbestos; the importance of engaging an occupational hygienist or licenced asbestos assessor to confirm if asbestos is present; and, why it’s vital to only use licenced asbestos removalists to ensure hazardous asbestos materials are removed and disposed of safely in accordance with government regulations.

Ms Collins said, “When it comes to asbestos, complacency can be a killer so our focus is to ensure Australians are informed of the dangers and the impact asbestos can have on their health and the health of loved ones if it’s not managed safely. It’s vital Australian’s only use licenced professionals to undertake assessments, testing and the removal of hazardous asbestos materials.

With the support of SHAPE Advocacy Australia’s Asbestos Education Committee’s important work in continuing to increase awareness will help us to help Australians minimise the asbestos risks.” 

The National Asbestos Awareness Month campaign is Australia’s longest-running, multi-award winning annual campaign dedicated to educating homeowners, renovators and tradies of the dangers of asbestos and encouraging them to visit Australia’s leading, most comprehensive, trusted asbestos information source, asbestosawareness.com.au – because it’s not worth the risk!


SHAPE Australia CEO Peter Marix-Evans presented Certificate of Appreciation by Advocacy Australia Chair Clare Collins (R) and Director Alice Collins (L)


Advocacy Australia addresses health-related issues to further the rights of all Australians (including children and vulnerable adults) to enjoy the highest standard of physical and mental health.  

Advocacy Australia addresses health and safety issues for families, children and workers at home, in the workplace and across the community through conducting national, state and localised public health awareness and education campaigns including raising awareness of preventable diseases such as those caused from exposure to asbestos fibres and by promoting best practice in occupational settings to improve health and safety in workplace environments.

Australia was among the highest consumers of asbestos globally and has one of the highest incidences of mesothelioma in the world with a steady increase in recorded cases over the past 40 years.  With a staggering 4000 deaths each year from asbestos-related diseases including asbestosis and lung cancer, and an alarming number of deaths from mesothelioma attributed to both occupational and non-occupational exposure to asbestos fibres; to save lives, under our health mandate, Advocacy Australia conducts the annual national Asbestos Awareness Month campaign during November to increase awareness of the dangers of asbestos and to educate the wider community on how to manage asbestos-containing materials safely.

For more information visit: advocacyaustralia.org.au


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