About Us

Advocacy Australia is a charitable services institution that pursues charitable purposes only to deliver public benefit and advance social justice through the provision of advocacy and support services for those whose human rights have been threatened, compromised or abused; irrespective of their abilities, age, gender, sexual identity, race, religion, economic or social status.

Under the Australian Human Rights Parliamentary Scrutiny Act 2011, every Australian has the right to fundamental freedoms, justice and peace and to be treated fairly with dignity, equality and mutual respect. We have the right to choose how we live our lives and the right to the highest attainable standards of physical, emotional and mental health.

Advocacy Australia promotes and protects human rights by advancing community awareness of issues that impact individuals, children and families ensuring government accountability in the areas of health, social justice, public welfare and rights relating to the four areas of social justice – access, equity, rights and participation.

Our Board

Clare Collins Chair
Mark de Raad is a man in his fifties with short dark hair, round glasses and is wearing a grey suit.
Mark de Raad Deputy Chair
Alice Collins is woman in her thirties with long blonde hair and blue eyes and wears a black jacket over a black and white striped dress.
Alice Collins Director & Secretary
Robert Clarke is a man in his thirties with redish blonde short hair, clean shaven and wears a blue suit jacket.
Robert Clarke Director & Treasurer
John Bateman OAM is a man in his sixties with ginger beard and blue eyes.
John Bateman OAM Director