Flood Victims Warned of Asbestos Risks Caused by Torrential Rains, Winds & Floods

MEDIA RELEASE: 10 March 2022 Flood Victims Warned of Asbestos Risks Caused by Torrential Rains, Winds & Floods Visit asbestosawareness.com.au – it’s not worth the risk! Whilst relentless rains, storms and floods hammer vast regions of NSW and Queensland, homeowners, businesses, commercial and rural property owners are being warned to prepare for the hidden danger of asbestos that lurks in one in three Australian homes and in rural and commercial property structures. Countless numbers of homes, businesses and rural properties have been destroyed or damaged leaving thousands homeless, waiting for floodwaters to subside before commencing the heartbreaking task of cleaning…

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Commercial & Non-Residential Property Managers & Tradies Urged to Respect Asbestos Risks!

MEDIA RELEASE: Monday, 8 November 2021 COMMERCIAL & NON-RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY MANAGERS & TRADIES URGED TO RESPECT ASBESTOS RISKS! During National Asbestos Awareness Month (1-30 November) managers of commercial and non-residential properties and tradespersons are being urged to respect the risks of asbestos and download free resources from asbestosawareness.com.au which were developed in association with, health and safety regulators to ensure safe, effective management of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in accordance with regulations. With the manufacture and installation of more than 3000 ACM products commonly used in commercial and non-residential properties built or refurbished before 2004; those responsible for managing these properties…

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Couple wearing renovating clothes and Asbestos Awareness hats stand in front of hold home with stern expressions.

Australians Told ‘Stop Playing Renovation Roulette!’ Amid Renovation Boom

Amid Australia’s multi-billion dollar home renovation boom, the National Asbestos Awareness Month campaign (1–30 November) aims to reduce asbestos-related diseases by urging renovators and tradies to ‘Stop playing renovation roulette because it’s not worth the risk’ and start to respect the dangers of asbestos just as they respect the dangers of electricity when renovating or maintaining homes.

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