Harm Prevention

We promote harm prevention and control of emotional abuse by fostering social justice for individuals, children and families who have suffered as a result of human rights abuse, having been a victim of serious crime and international child abduction.

70% of children subject to parental abduction suffer significant emotional and mental health effects. As part of our welfare and human rights harm prevention activities, Advocacy Australia aims to offer intervention resources to those parents considering absconding with their children so they may consider alternate options to help resolve issues and prevent the harm caused to their children’s mental health and the mental health of the parent and family left behind when Australian born children are the subject of international child abduction.

Advocacy Australia relieves the suffering, distress and helplessness of victims of international child abduction through advocacy and providing emotional and mental health support services including through support groups. We provided advice to improve understanding of their rights and communication services to empower victims to fight for justice for their family; and, we lobby government representatives and departments to enforce the Hague Convention for Australian-born children.