Public Benevolence

Advocacy Australia’s main purpose is to provide direct benevolent relief to people in need specifically for those whose rights have been abused or threatened; victims of serious crimes and their families who have been affected by horrific circumstances such as murder, suspicious disappearance and abduction; and, victims of international child abduction.

We relieve their suffering through the provision of advocacy and support specific to their individual circumstances and needs in the promotion and protection of their human rights.

By giving victims of human rights abuse, serious crimes and international child abduction a voice, we empower them to take control of their circumstances and provide support that meets their needs.

Advocacy Australia’s support for these victims of human rights abuse includes:

  • Providing advocacy, advice and referrals;
  • Conducting campaigns and activities including events around relevant dates such as National Missing Person’s Week, anniversaries and other significant dates;
  • Increasing public awareness of their suffering and the need to resolve it through advocacy, media, marketing, advertising, community engagement, forums events and stakeholder engagement with MPs, the community and specific targeted groups to actively increase reports to police to help solve serious crimes and deliver justice in ways that help resolve the suffering of victims and their families;
  • Lobbying to increase rewards and investigative resources to assist in achieving an outcome to resolve their suffering; and,
  • Shining a spotlight on their individual circumstances in ways that empower them to no-longer be victims; but, actively contribute to intervention and resolutions that alleviate their misfortune and suffering.