Asbestos & HAZMAT Removal Contractors Association Donate $10,000 to Advocacy Australia’s

Asbestos Education Committee to Help Save Lives

The Asbestos & HAZMAT Removal Contractors Association (AHRCA) has presented Advocacy Australia with a cheque for $10,000 at the Master Builders Association of NSW to support the invaluable work of the Asbestos Education Committee in raising awareness of the dangers of asbestos through their “Respect Asbestos” campaigns, asbestosawareness.com.au, and the annual National Asbestos Awareness Month Campaign each November.

The Asbestos Education Committee is focused on educating DIYers, homeowners, renovators and tradies about the dangers of asbestos, with an emphasis of retaining licenced professionals to undertake assessments, testing and the removal of the deadly fibre used in over 3000 Australian building and decorator products which still lurk within one-third of Australian homes.

Annually, over 4,000 Australians die from asbestos-related diseases – 265% more than the annual national road toll, and with asbestos-containing materials remaining in residential properties built or renovated prior to 1990, and commercial properties built before 2004,  it’s vital DIYers, homeowners, renovators, tradies and property managers are educated to respect the serious dangers asbestos poses because it’s not worth the risk.

Clare Collins, Chair of Advocacy Australia and the Asbestos Education Committee said, “ARHCA’s generous donation will enable us to continue our work to reduce the incidences of asbestos exposure; to prevent asbestos-related diseases through education with easy to understand, essential information to help Australian’s to ‘Respect Asbestos’, and ultimately save lives.

“While asbestos-containing materials remain hidden in one-third of Australian homes, the significance of the work of the Asbestos Education Committee to the ongoing health of Australians, cannot be overstated” she said.

Bret Baker JP, President of the Asbestos & HAZMAT Removal Contractors Association said “AHRCA is delighted to be able to support Advocacy Australia’s Asbestos Education Committee in their valuable work for the community.

“The dedication and passion shown by Clare Collins and Alice Collins inspired AHRCA’s Members to make this contribution at our Annual General Meeting held at the NSW Master Builders Association in December 2022 and we applaud their continued efforts aimed at reducing the incidence of asbestos exposure within the community,” he said.

Ms Collins said “Because campaign funding ceased in December 2017 and website funding concluded in February 2020, the 2021 and 2022 National Asbestos Awareness Month Campaigns were conducted wholly pro-bono with budgets under $500.

“The funds provided by AHRCA are invaluable to us as they will enable us to continue our mission to educate Australians about the hidden dangers of Asbestos to prevent asbestos-related diseases”.

“In December 2022, our 2021 Asbestos Awareness Month campaign was awarded two coveted Golden Target Awards at the 2022 Public Relations Institute of Australia’s annual awards recognising excellence in the categories of Pro-Bono and Low Cost (Campaigns under $25,000).

“To continue to keep asbestosawareness.com.au live and the annual Asbestos Awareness Month Campaign running, stainable funding is required and we hope these awards and the generous donation by AHRCA will inspire others to support our life-saving work” she said.

November 2023 will mark the tenth anniversary of Australia’s longest-running, multi-award winning annual National Asbestos Awareness Month Campaign which will continue to warn homeowners, renovators and tradies of the dangers of asbestos and direct them to Australia’s leading, most comprehensive, trusted asbestos information source, asbestosawareness.com.au.


 Asbestos  &  HAZMAT  Removal  Contractors  Association  (AHRCA)

AHRCA – Keeping Industry informed whilst promoting Safety & Compliance since 1991

For over 30 years, members of the Asbestos & HAZMAT Removal Contractors Association (AHRCA) have protected Australians and the environment from asbestos and hazardous material risks.

AHRCA represents New South Wales industry leaders from the asbestos abatement industry including asbestos removal contractors, consultants, equipment suppliers, education and training institutions and other industry related organisations.

To ensure the highest quality standards, we promote compliance and ethical best practice in international and Australian Standards, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental Management Codes of Practice for asbestos and other materials hazardous to human health.

AHRCA collaborates and consults with leading industry and government representatives providing best practice expertise.With the shared goal of preventing diseases caused from exposure to asbestos fibres and other hazardous materials commonly found in the Australian domestic and commercial construction and demolition industries; AHRCA is closely affiliated with building industry bodies, trades and construction education facilities, government regulators, advocates and health and research organisations to consistently promote improved health and safety for workers and the wider community.

As the peak industry body for asbestos and HAZMAT removal in Australia, we are committed to ethical best practice and compliance in Safety and Environmental Systems and Work, Health and Safety regulations in the identification, treatment, removal and disposal of asbestos and other hazardous materials including silica, lead, synthetic mineral fibres (SMF), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) and treated timbers.

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asbestosawareness.com.au is Australia’s leading, most comprehensive trusted source of asbestos information dedicated to educating the community about the dangers of asbestos with a specific focus on homeowners, renovators, tradies, commercial property managers and the owners and managers of regional properties where naturally occurring asbestos can be found.

Since launching on Monday 21 November 2011, the asbestosawareness.com.au website has had:

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