THE LATE CAROL KLINTFALT OAM – Mesothelioma Patient – National Asbestos Awareness Campaign
The benefits that I gained from sharing my story with the media is a feeling of accomplishment. Anywhere, anytime, if I can, I will spread the word of the dangers of asbestos in our society and having been diagnosed with Mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos I feel very angry, very disillusioned for what has happened to me and my family. Everyone should learn about the dangers. Forget about “this won’t happen to me”, it can happen to anyone. I will stand on an orange box anytime and talk about the dangers and my story. It gives me a sense of self satisfaction that I am able to give something back and hopefully do something positive to help others from not going through what I have gone through.

I have found Clare Collins an absolute delight to deal with. It is often said “that you don’t know what it feels like unless it happens to you” but Clare’s passion for the cause is quite extraordinary. That goes also for her lovely daughter Alice and all the other kind people that work on the Asbestos Awareness Campaign. They have all demonstrated great sensitivity towards me and all seem very passionate about the cause.